COG Analytics (COG) is a health services research and technology development company. COG was founded in 2012 by a team of behavioral scientists and Friends Research Institute (FRI), a private, nonprofit research organization. COG was established to leverage the power of the market to promote human health and reduce health disparities in disadvantaged populations.


A cornerstone of COG’s business model is the translation and optimization of evidence-based practices and programs through state of the art technology. COG investigators bring a wealth of experience in health and social research spanning the areas of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; criminal justice; diet and exercise; health disparities; HIV/AIDS; mental health; youth positive development and behavior problems; advanced scientific research methodologies and analytical techniques; research-driven health intervention design; and the development of interactive technologies for reducing health-risk behaviors.


COG scientists are committed to improving health and well-being by reducing and eliminating health disparities through research; innovative technological solutions; prevention and treatment initiatives; and community outreach, education, and training. Much of the work conducted at COG has focused on individual and community-based interventions and technologies. COG investigators have worked closely with research institutions, clinics, universities, and community-based organizations to address current and emerging public health challenges.

News & Announcements


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction App for African American Caregivers


COG and FRI investigators receive a new grant award from the National Institutes of Health


Carswell SB, Gordon MS, Gryczynski J, Taxman FS, Schadegg M, Ferguson KN, Maher KM (in press). Continuing care app for probationers and parolees with substance use disorders. Journal of Drug Education.

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